Get the benefits of the cloud without the risk

Your core business isn’t managing infrastructure. Yet so many of your resources go toward purchasing, maintaining and refreshing hardware. You also have to run your on-premises VMware® environment, while maintaining the control and security your business requires.

Now you can do it all. You can satisfy the increasing demand for speed and agility from within your business while maintaining the control and security central IT requires.

Access VMware experts for fully managed virtualization

Getting the most from virtualization requires significant investments in expertise. You need specialists who can architect secure, reliable and efficient infrastructure. Then you need data center operations staff, VMware experts and system administrators to monitor and maintain it all.

You can find and hire those experts yourself, or let some of the most experienced professionals in the industry do it for you. Rackspace can help you architect, deploy and troubleshoot your virtualization environment. We even proactively support the guest OS layer, including VM backups, OS monitoring and patching, and antivirus updates.

Virtualize the easy way

Create, customize, clone and provision virtual machines (VMs), and we take care of the rest. Quickly increase or decrease your capacity to match changing demands.

Reduce risk

Your hosted VMware environment is backed by both our 100% Network Uptime Guarantee and our One-Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee.

Access our expertise

We’ve focused on hosting VMware since 2006 and have deployed thousands of environments of all shapes, sizes and complexities. We’re one of VMware’s largest vCloud Air Network partners, with elevated access to technical specialists for rapid resolution.

Free your resources from day-to-day IT maintenance

Every day, you’re asked to balance speed and agility with security and control. Neglecting either side can result in service gaps that cause groups within your organization to go outside of IT for solutions. This can expose your organization to unacceptable risk.

But you can simplify that balancing act. With Dedicated VMware vCenter, you can seamlessly extend your VMware environment into our hosted single-tenant infrastructure. Using the same tools, processes and staff you use today, you get the benefits of the cloud while extending your IT resources with Rackspace VMware experts.

Maintain control

Get out of the business of managing hardware while keeping the tools, processes and staff you already have.

Gain flexibility

Quickly increase or decrease capacity to match changing demand while driving down the cost of IT operations.

Extend expertise

Rely on our deep bench of VMware professionals and years of managed hosting experience.

Expand into the cloud without leaving your VMware® investments behind

Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware, which now runs VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), is a single-tenant private cloud that enables you to conveniently transition or extend your on-premises VMware workloads into the hosted VMware environment at Rackspace.

Our VMware Private Cloud is built on top of the same VMware virtualization and software-defined technologies you use in your datacenters: VMware vSphere, NSX, Virtual SAN and the vRealize Suite.

This new offering represents an evolution of our popular Rackspace Dedicated vCenter platform, updated for the software-defined era.

Single-tenant private cloud

Rackspace offers custom-built dedicated, single-tenant environments in which to run, migrate and extend your on-premises workloads.

No retooling or refactoring needed

Stick with your existing VMware technology, and migrate and expand without retooling environments or refactoring code.

Enhanced security

Rackspace’s single-tenant architecture allows you to isolate physical infrastructure from networking down to storage.

Reference architecture

In a VMware Software-Defined Data Center, all major infrastructure components are virtualized.[Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by VMware Reference Architecture]